Friday, 25 January 2013

New year, new prices.

Well hello there!

Goodness me it's been a while. It seems like yesterday we were planning to begin Christmas preparations back sometime in September, then we blinked and now it's 2013! We've also been swayed by the oh-so-easy social networking tool that is Instagram. It's easy peasy, so quick and I only have to attempt to be witty (I wish) in one sentence! Definitely a bonus for me.

Anyhoo... we're writing here for a reason. As of this coming Monday 28th January we're introducing a slight price increase on all our products. This will be the first time we've raised our prices since we launched our business back in 2010 and along the way many of our suppliers have raised theirs and we've upgraded both our fabric and our zips so unfortuantely we can no longer put off an increase. All our products continue to be hand screenprinted and handmade by us here at our studio in the UK which is really important to us. We also source where possible eco-friendly, UK produced, good quality fabric, inks and fillers and will continue to do so. We love being able to put 'made in the UK' on everything we sell. 

The new prices will take affect from Monday 28th January in our Etsy shop.

Apologies for the slightly glum post we promise to be back sooner with more cheery news! And just to prove we have been out and about here are a few of my favourite Intagram photos from recent times... we're under 'robinandmould' come and follow us.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Back in stock.

Finally the cushions are making their return to the shop over the coming few days. We had to take them all down due to a fabric supply issue but now we've got new stock and a new colour for all our cushion backs - warm grey. And we think it's lovely...

Also you might spot our newly painted studio lurking as a backdrop here. The orange pine has gone - remember here? We need to have a bit of a tidy and a sort then we'll take some sneaky photos or if you just can't wait we're now available on twitter/pinterest/instagram! Oh yes. Hello twenty-first century.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Short and sweet...

We should have known how all encompassing having a new baby would be... but somehow we forgot. Add to that the increasingly moody three year old living here and running our own business and you get five months passing by in what felt like about 3 minutes!

Welcome to the world baby Edie...

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

We get around...

Hello 2012! A tad belated but hey ho and would you expect anything less from us disorganised folk?!

We had a lovely festive break and New Year's although it seemed to absolutely fly past and already feels like an age ago. Since then though we've been manically preparing for the imminent arrival of R&M baby number two which has involved some shuffling around of living/working spaces, lots of redecorating and I may even be forced to part with my ridiculous collection of magazines to make space. Boo.

Speaking of magazines though we did somehow manage to squeeze in this interview for Mollie Makes just before Christmas and the issue landed on our doormat a few days ago - we're in print! We were so thrilled to be asked to take part and then we find we're amongst some of our favourite other creative couples to boot! We've been huge fans of Something's Hiding In Here for years, remember this, we love the work of Peris & Corr too and we met the lovely Andrea and Robert when we took part in the first UK Got Craft? market last month.

We've also just been interviewed for the ukhandmade website today too - see we do get around just not so much on our own blog!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

More marketeering...

Well hello December!

Last weekend's Got Craft? was great and we met some lovely lovely people as always - possibly my favourite bit of doing markets. We loved Charlotte Farmer's and Justine Ellis' gorgeous items. The venue was stunning but the nearness of the bar was far too tempting as we spent far too much on their delicious hot chocolate, coffee and beer for C! Although we did win the Christmas Cake raffle!! I never win anything so was amazed and as we're hosting this year we couldn't be happier - thanks buttercupcakes. We were hopeless as ever at taking photos - it seemed to get dark before we knew it and then nothing came out. Bah. But I've spotted quite a few posts where you can get a feel for the market and the beautiful interior (it was in a converted tram shed) here and here if you fancy a gander. Big thanks Andrea and Robert for all your hardwork.

This weekend we're off to another festive market although this time in our neck of the woods and outside so we currently have all our fingers and toes crossed for dry weather. It's choc-a-block this year and as they've also added a flea market to run alongside it I think you can't fail to find a present or two. So if you're out west...

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Got craft?

We have and we're off to the first ever Got Craft? Christmas Market in London town this weekend. If you're around it's looking to be a grand old time complete with a wrapping station from Papermash, DIY crafts with Crafty Pint, a tea and cake station, music and not to mention a full bar as it all takes place in the beautiful Tooting Tram and Social! Personally I'm hoping they'll have some mulled wine on the go for my one beverage - fingers crossed.
Plus the first 30 people through the door can get their hands on a goody bag chock full of loveliness from all the stall holders - worth an early start surely?

Here's a taster of some of the festive goodies we've been working on for our stall...

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Whispering Pines

It seems the weeks are positively flying by these days - I blame the shorter days! But we've also been busy bees what with moving our studio out of the house, working on wholesale orders for some lovely new stockists and some fabulous old ones, designing new things for some Christmas markets and last, but not least at all, growing a not-so-wee baby bump!

Today we finally remembered to take some photos whilst we worked and the sun was shining so here is a sneaky peek at our, somewhat overly wood pannelled, new studio. We absolutely love it and all it's extra space but have grand plans for painting all that orange wood sometime SOON! We also took a few shots of our latest festive offerings which are soon to be packaged up and shipped off for the Got Craft? Christmas Market swag bags. It'll be our second London market this year and we can't wait as it sounds chock full of loveliness but more about that soon...